Commercial-Grade High Performance Smoothie Blenders $249

$249.00 -(as low as $195) The WHITE Heavy Duty JTC OMNI Blender is the best 3 horsepower high performance blending machine. Competitors' smoothie blenders cost over $400. The Omni Commercial Grade Smoothie Machine (WHITE) is only  $225 including free shipping, and has a 7 year residential warranty.

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You can blend up hot soups, finest fruit and vegetable smoothies, crush ice, make delicious dessert concoctions and pulverize nuts and avocado pits into nut butters, purees and sauces.

The 3 horse power high performance blender has a 7 year warranty and ships free. Choose between white, black, or red, with one or two blender jars, or  get it in a professional restaurant equipment configuration with a sound enclosure to reduce the noise in your smoothie cafe.       30 DAYS MONEY BACK RETURN POLICY

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Dear Smoothie Enthusiast,

A commercial grade blending machine, in this case our 3 horsepower smoothie blender, the JTC OMNIBLEND emulsifier, is something every vegan or vegetarian, or at least those that are looking for alternative health and nutrition solutions, should use to blend up juices and smoothie drinks daily. The Omni power juicer is really a professional nutrition center that competes with the Bed-Bath-and-Beyond or Costco high powered blending machines on an equal blending level, however only for a fraction of the cost. If you want a Jamba Juice smoothie made at home, here you go, the OMNI Blender is the perfect solution.

The reason the Omni Smoothie Blend Center can be sold for half the price as an alternative to the higher priced blender competitors, is because JTC OMNIBLEND USA is selling them consumer-direct, without the many distribution levels between factory and end users. And so, it is our pleasure to continuously provide an all-year-round low sales price on blenders, sound enclosures, and blender parts. You too can take advantage, and have access to a high performance blender with a 3 horsepower motor. You can enjoy hot soups, crushed ice drinks, the finest vegetable and fruit smoothies and juices, delicious sauces and stiff frozen ice cream desserts. Having a commercial professional blending center available in the comfort of you own kitchen, gives you control over your nutritional diet intake and your health.

For more information about the Omni Blender, to help you to make the best informed decision about our professional smoothie machines, please see our videos, read our articles, go to our blog, and compare blenders on Youtube. Check out our 30 days return policy and 7 year warranty, and read more about the Omni Blender efficient motor system. The motor stays cooler and lasts longer than any other high powered restaurant-grade kitchen blender equipment. Our blender is the best, most powerful and reliable alternative to the much-higher priced blender competitors. We guarantee it! Please call us at (801) 623-3225(801) 623-3225 today.

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$240 including FREE Shipping in the USA - Ad $35 to Canada!

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