OMNI Blender Shipping & Return Policy

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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Below return policy is applicable for the Omniblend products which we used to sell.


We will ship your order out within 1 business day after the receipt of full payment. 99% of the time we will use Fedex Ground. Faster shipping is available. Please call us if you would like to have your order expedited. If there is a higher shipping cost to expedite, we will let you know then. We can ship with USPS as well. APO addresses are acceptable, but cost little more in shipping. 

Call 801-623-3225801-623-3225

Return Policy

Make a Well-Informed Decision prior to the purchase.

In order to avoid or prevent returns, we are providing over 100 unedited videos online on our website and on to help you make a good and well-informed decision prior to your purchase. We also suggest you read through the testimonials on Customer Lobby to see what customers are saying about the OMNI Blender. And if you want to know if a specific smoothie or ingredient will blend really well in the OMNI Blender, please send us the recipe challenge by email and we will blend it for you and put it on video.

Please note, anyone may return the product (blender, parts, sound enclosure...etc.) within the first 30 days of purchase from us (123Vita, LLC/OmniBlender.COM LLC). We discourage a return because we believe the consumer should, and has the responsibility, to examine and/or investigate the product thoroughly prior to the purchase. We provide a lot of information, videos and feedback / customer testimonials to help educate our customers about the product. Plus, let's be frank, returning a product is a hassle. Who wants to get into this and make a living habit out of buying and returning? Surely you agree, that making a better informed decision prior to a purchase is always best.

But.... here it is, should you still want to return the blender, or the product, then the first 30 days, we feel, is more than adequate to decide if you want to do so. Before you do, please note, the customer has to pay for the return shipping, and we will deduct a shipping fee, regardless of what momentary deal or offering in respect to shipping included or free shipping we may have offered. We want to be fair. And we would like our customers also to be fair. If we screw up, by all means, we will live up to our promise and make on good it.

Return Instructions
Before returning, call us 1-801-623-32251-801-623-3225. You have to pay for the return shipping cost. The customer is responsible for packing up the blender safely and prevent damage. We recommend you keep the box for at least 30 days. If you no longer have the original box, we will charge a $10 fee, plus, please pack up the blender to prevent damage. If the blender or product gets damaged during the return shipping, the customer will be held accountable for that.

Deductions (We are sorry for the any deductions and we hope that you will try to understand our position on this policy. We are doing everything possible to help you make a well-informed decision so a return is very unlikely. Less than 1% of our customers return a blender - Refurbished blenders are basically not available, therefore.)
We will deduct from your full refund $ 20.00 return fee USA and a $ $50 return fee Canada (per blender, not per order). This will pay a portion of our original shipping cost and processing fee. We will deduct and additional $10 if the blender is arriving not cleaned (with food  residues in the jar and/or in/on the blender). For example, if you paid $ 240 for your blender, after an approved return, you will be credited $220 if the blender arrives cleaned, and if it arrives uncleaned, the credit is $ 210.  

If a sound enclosure is returned by itself, the deduction is $ 15 USA/ $45 Canada. If the a blender with a sound enclosure is returned, we will deduct $25 USA / $ 55 Canada from the refundable amount.

If the return is received past the 30 days and prior to 40 days after the purchase date, we will refund 90% of the amount due. No refunds after 40 days. 30 days are counted from the day of receipt at the customer's address to the day it is received at our business return address. The refund to your credit / debit card will be made within 1 week after the return has been received.

Call us
Before you return the Omni Blender and/or Sound Enclosure box, please give us a call at (801) 623-3225(801) 623-3225 to get approval for it. We are not going to try to convince you to keep the Omni Blender. But we would like to know what the reason is of why you are not satisfied with the blender. In most cases, the real reason for a return was because of 'buyer's remorse', aka, a money issue. The second biggest reason for a return was due to unfamiliarity to what a powerful blender can do for a family's diet because a person may have received the blender as an unsolicited gift.

If there is something that we have done wrong, please tell us about it. We are only human as well. Mistakes can happen. We want to retain you as a customer if we can help it, and as long as it is reasonable. We would like to learn and improve. No, we are not Costco or Walmart. We are selling exclusively high quality blenders and blender accessories. The only way we can continue offering the OMNI blender at an all-year-all-time-low price is by abiding to our return policy. We pride ourselves that we have no refurbished blenders to sell, because customers, due to their satisfaction, are pleased with the quality of the OMNI Blender and satisfied with its performance.

We will process the refund within 7 days of the receipt of the product returned, applying the refundable amount to the same form of  payment initially used to purchase the product. If unsure about buying the Omni Blender, give us a call or watch our videos.

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