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Not Available until we can raise the money to make our own, a better sound box than the old OMNI Shield. Our new Sound Box will fit all blenders. And it will really work and reduce the sound by a lot more ...

Our new Sound Enclosure "OMNI SHIELD" fits the Blendtec Blender and is a perfect fit for the OMNI V blender. This sound box benefits especially those consumers who have sensitive ears or hearing (babies, for example). The OMNI Blender is already much quieter (by 20%) than Blendtec and/or other higher-priced blender competitors. Omni Shield will reduce the sound over 50% in addition, bringing the noise level, measured in dB (decibels) to about 65 dB. Dimensions are 10.5" wide, 11.5" deep, 18.5" tall - weight 6 pounds.       7 Year Warranty

This OMNI SHIELD Blender Sound Enclosure Box fits the OMNI Blender, Blendtec EZ - Total - Hp3A - Professional Series, Classic Blendtec Series, and Tom Dickson's Extreme blenders, and other blenders with their jars on top of up to a total height of 17.5 inches. Other blenders such as Kitchenaid, Cusineart and the Ninja with the shorter smaller jar also fits. Sound noise reduction is 50% or greater.

Other Blenders will fit, if you put the OMNI Jar on top of the blender, of course, provided the Omni Container will fit on it. The legal disclaimer is: "The mere fact, that the OMNI square 64oz Jar fits, in itself, on "OTHER" blenders is not prohibited., but it may or may not be authorized or supported by said competitors". In order to find out if and how your blender may fit in this TOTAL FIT OMNI SHIELD sound enclosure box, call us 801-623-3225801-623-3225


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Omni Blender, 1 BPA-FREE Jar, Tamper, Free Recipe Book, Plus Sound Enclosure Box, 7 yr Warranty on Motor and Sound Cover (1 YR on Jar) - FREE USA Shipping


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